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Personal Coaching Styles Inventory (PCSI)

In the roles you play each day, whether it be company owner or parent, client or friend, executive or volunteer, the understanding of yourself and the basic personal style of another can forward the conversation more clearly and precisely for both of you. In teams and groups, when each member understands the styles of other participants, the group mission and purpose can be forwarded as well. The Personal Coaching Styles Inventory is a tool for such understanding of communication.

Learn how to better understand and connect with others in the workplace

Benefits of the PCSI Assessment tool

Provides a snapshot of communication style preferences

Easy to Use and Implement 

Increases coaching effectiveness and impact

Builds Rapport and Fosters more intentional communication

Why use the PCSI?

As we communicate in a faster paced and more crowded world, we can no longer rely on our ability to connect with just a few people and not others. The mastery of skills to communicate in a much more sophisticated and knowledgeable way is critical to bringing about the results we desire in our world, both personally and professionally. Whether you are working in a large company, an entrepreneurial business, or you are self-employed, such understanding of others will serve you and the people you interact with very well.

History of the PCSI

This inventory was developed by Dr. Lee Smith and Dr. Jeannine Sandstrom of CoachWorks International, Dallas, Texas USA. It has been used since 1995 by tens of thousands of individuals world-wide and has been translated into several languages. It is the first coaching instrument developed by coaches for the coaching industry. Drs. Smith and Sandstrom saw a need for understanding and mastery of interaction styles from the coaching context. The inventory is not a psychological/personality tool. It is intended to be a self-inventory where people designate how they want to give and receive feedback and advice. It is best used as a snapshot of how individuals can have effective communication in relationships. While similar to other four quadrant styles, and there are many, it has the distinction of being beneficial to coaches in every industry – from personal coaches, coach managers, executive coaches or self-coaches.

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Discover ways to flex your own style to better interact with others while learning how and when to implement your new approach. Gain a deeper understanding of others through learning their communication style. Upon completion of the 10 hours of class time, certification will be granted which entitles you to deliver the Personal Coaching Styles Inventory to others and within your organization.

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