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Professional Essentials

This program is exclusively for Coach U Core Essentials Graduate and already credentialed ICF Coaches. This intermediate to advanced program will refine your core coaching competency and give the skills to master your coaching practice.

Professional Essentials Facts
Who This Is For
Delivery Method
  • Coach U Core Essentials Graduates
  • Credentialed ICF Coaches

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Why take our Professional Essentials Program?

204 available hours of coaching training in coaching core competencies

Participate in a higher-level conversation than found in the Core Essentials Program

Become Accredited

Gain a refined knowledge of ICF’s 8 Core Coaching Competencies

Understand the distinctions between coaching competencies at the ACC, PCC and MCC levels

What you will learn

  • ICF Core Coaching Competencies
  • Ethics & Standards
  • Myths and Misconceptions in Coaching
  • Internal and External Coaching
  • Proprietary Coach Models
  • How to Position your Coaching Business or Internal Practice
  • Creating Strong Coaching Contracts
  • Navigate difficult and challenging coaching scenarios
  • Coach U’s 9 Guiding Principles
  • Establish sustainable coaching fees and packages
  • Sales Strategies to grow your practice
  • Step by Step Pathways to becoming credentialed as a coach

Course Curriculum

  • Personal Foundation Level 2
  • Personal Foundation Level 3
  • Personal Foundation Practicum
  • Personal Coaching Conversation
  • Business Coaching Conversation
  • Corporate Coaching Conversation Model
  • Ethics in Coaching
  • Corporate Coaching Conversation Model™ Practicum
  • Personal Coaching Styles Inventory (PCSI)
  • Advanced Coaching and Supervision Practicum

Elective Modules

  • Why take our Core Essentials Program? Situational Coaching Forum: Coaching the Executive
  • Situational Coaching Forum: Coaching the Entrepreneur
  • Situational Coaching Forum: Coaching the Manager
  • Situational Coaching Forum: Coaching the Professional
  • Situational Coaching Forum: Coaching the Sales Professional
  • Small Business Success
  • Business Turnarounds
  • Assessments for Coaching
  • Diversity Issues
  • Coaching Business Teams
  • Internal Corporate Coaching
  • Life Planning
  • Spiritual Path
  • Intuition
  • Attraction
  • Creating the Vision
  • Coaching the Essence
  • Overview/Skills for Group Coaching
  • Group Coaching Practicum
  • Strong Start — Business Development Lab
  • Marketing and Selling — External Corporate/Business Practice
  • Marketing and Selling for Private Practice
  • Assessments for Coaching
  • Organizational Development
  • Mastery in Coaching
Professional Essentials Program FAQs
When can I Start?
How long does it take to graduate?
Next Steps after Graduation?
PEP Policies & Program Materials

There are two ways to qualify for the program. The first is to be a Core Essentials or Core Essentials Fast Track graduate, and you may enroll as soon as all graduation requirements have been met for these programs. The second is to be an ICF-credentialed coach already and in good standing.

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