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About Us

Our History

Coach U was founded in the USA in 1992 by Thomas J. Leonard, known internationally as the “Father of Coaching”. Coach U is recognized as one of the world’s first coach training schools, for having contributed to founding the coaching profession and for giving birth to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) - the global standard for coaching credentials.

Our Commitment

Coach U is committed to not just providing coaching skills but also to provide some of the most complete programs that will allow coaches to become successful in their chosen field.

Coach U graduates are recognized worldwide and are highly visible not just with their clients and within their organizations, but also within the coaching community. You will find Coach U graduates everywhere – in the media, leading organizations and in their community.

Why we are leaders in the coaching industry

Offered in Two Ways

Comprehensive, Inclusive Approach

Coaches come from all backgrounds and have different cultural and style preferences. The Coach U approach is sensitive to this cultural diversity and is also very illuminating as you learn how to effectively coach individuals from all walks of life and from every region in the world.
Offered in Two Ways

Convenient Scheduling

Coaches want to learn what they need when they need it. Our flexible approach to course scheduling, use of self-study materials and access to other resources and other coaches makes this possible.
Offered in Two Ways

Flexible Professional Path

Some coaches want to coach full-time, other people want to coach part-time and yet others want to integrate sound coaching skills and strategies into their current jobs or businesses. Thanks to the flexibility of our training programs, you can use your coaching skills in any way you want.
Offered in Two Ways

Leading Edge Information and Tools

Our materials are developed using a key learning increment model, whereby all pieces of the curriculum stand alone, but still connect with other pieces.
Offered in Two Ways

World-class Coaches as Trainers

All Coach U facilitators have been leading courses and programs for many years and are credentialed by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach or Master Certified Coach.
Offered in Two Ways

Access to a Global Coaching Community

Coach U hosts a variety of Community Engagement groups. In addition to being trained at Coach U you have over 50,000 coaches for mutual support and referrals.

Why partner with Coach U?

Become Credentialed as a Coach

Once certain program requirements are satisfactorily completed including coach training hours, client coaching hours, supervision mentor coaching, written testing, etc., you may apply for and receive Coach U credentials for branding and credibility purposes.

ICF Credentialed Facility

We stand out from other ICF accredited coach training programs because at least 95% of our international faculty facilitating courses in our ICF accredited programs currently hold an ICF credential at the PCC or MCC level. Our faculty members are Coach U coaches and are leading courses from experience rather than just theory.

Benefits of becoming a Coach

Rewarding and Fulfilling Career Choice

Enjoy the freedom to live and work anywhere

High Income Potential

Expand your professional network and community

Earn while you learn

Make a difference in others’ lives

Accelerate your personal and professional development

Accessible Entry Point Experience joy in your daily life

Coach U’s Guiding Principles

People have something in common

Coach U Individual Expression
We return to the common ground of being by loving, honoring and valuing self and others.

Coach U Organizational Expression
People are drawn together in companies through a compelling mission, and shared values.

People are inquisitive

Coach U Individual Expression
Wonder, curiosity and inquiry are the source of all learning.

Coach U Organizational Expression
Organizations that encourage curiosity accelerate learning and creativity.

People contribute

Coach U Individual Expression
Contribution based on purpose generates true fulfillment.

Coach U Organizational Expression
When organizations recognize individual contribution, they grow leaders at every level.

People grow from connection

Coach U Individual Expression
Connection is the wellspring of creativity.

Coach U Organizational Expression
Collaboration is a conduit for enhancing people’s strengths and generating innovative solutions.

People seek value

Coach U Individual Expression
Listening provides ever-present access to value.

Coach U Organizational Expression
Listening beyond words is the currency of valuing human capital.

People act in their own best interest

Coach U Individual Expression
Discernment reveals the opportunities in every situation.

Coach U Organizational Expression
When people make the shift from self-interest to self-responsibility. It enhances the quality of interaction with colleagues and clients.

People live from their perception

Coach U Individual Expression
An inclusive, present-based perception of reality is the platform for effective action.

Coach U Organizational Expression
Recognizing that people perceive reality through their own filters leads to effective communication and creative platforms for positive action.

People act in their own best interest

Coach U Individual Expression
Awareness is the precursor to choice.

Coach U Organizational Expression
Shifting perspectives expands awareness and reveals new choices.

People define their own integrity

Coach U Individual Expression
The vigilant development of the fit between calling and conduct creates integrity.

Coach U Organizational Expression
Integrity for individuals comes from continuous alignment between the organizations' mission, vision, and values, and their own.

Meet our Faculty

All members of Coach U's Faculty are Professional Certified Coaches (PCC's) or Master Certified Coaches (MCC's), with many years of experience in not only the delivery of coach training, but successful coaching businesses.  We have a lovely variety of individuals that span the globe.

Meet our Coaches

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+61 2 9531 8988

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